There’s news over at Metropolitan Eyewear! Metropolitan Eyewear is a collection for urban trendsetters and exhibits sheer style and clear lines. For people who are completely in sync with the trends and who have both feet on the ground. 

The brand has rummaged through the archives of its parent company OWP and emerged triumphant with two genuine classics from the ’80s. Check out the new models below!

Metropolitan Eyewear: Straight from the Eighties

Mod. 8042 / 8258

The watchword? Vintage, not retro.

Delicate metal rims and an unusual (yet not affected) lens shape give Style 8042 its special minimalistic character. Available colours include gold-rosewood, cool black, palladium-midnight blue and matte turquoise, ensuring a wide spectrum of interpretations.

Style 8258 features impressive, casual acetate aviator lenses with a milled double bridge that retains its authentic look in brushed steel grey. With the horizontal gradient from brown to caramel, umber to slate grey or simply in transparent light grey, this true original makes a clear, stylish statement.

Metropolitan 8256

Metropolitan Eyewear: Striking shapes

Mod. 8256

Clear, striking shapes are the hallmark of this invariably cool cat-eye frame. Exciting acetate reinforces the coolness of the look, as does the prominently shaped temple. Style 8256 casually pulls it all off with ease. All in all, the frame is thoroughly different and unquestionably authentic.Metropolitan 8257

Metropolitan Eyewear: Beautiful geometry

Mod. 8257
This is a true fashion statement: Style 8257 adroitly plays with geometric shapes without losing any of its elegant, well-designed coolness. The metal rim inlaid into the acetate midsection is a highlight of the frame. No matter whether you choose the monochrome, contrasting, or alternating matte-gloss version, you’re guaranteed to turn heads. A simple geometric temple finishes off this unique look.

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