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MEXX 2020 Highlights

The year is 1986. The place: Amsterdam. And the protagonist is a visionary by the name of Rattan Chadha. He decides to blend his men’s brand ‘Moustache’ (M) and women’s brand ‘Emanuelle’ (E) into a new entity, adding two kisses (xx) to the mix. The outcome is a brand-new label called MEXX – and the rest is history.

Ever since then, MEXX has built an impressive portfolio of quality eyewear for every individual style and every occasion. Frames created with a passion for cosmopolitan life, ready to be discovered and worn as treasured companions. Made for creatives and everyone feeling a lust for life, always bursting with energy and on the hunt for special moments and memories. The overall goal for MEXX is not to be perfect, but remaining authentic and unique, even if it means defying convention.

Model 2541

  • Striking, almost geometric acetate model for women in 1970s style
  • Style-appropriate colorways including red, nude or black
  • Ultra-delicate temples accentuated by cone-shaped metal ornaments

Model 2542

  • Almost round mid-section from acetate combined with trendy and understated metal temples
  • Cone-shaped metal detailing on ultra-delicate temples
  • Subtle branding on temple tips

Model 2758

  • Super flexible and delicate stainless-steel frame
  • Nice contrast between outer border of bridge and inner lens outlines
  • Expressive mid-section in fashionable metal hues

Model 6443

  • Laid-back women’s sunglasses crafted from stainless steel with a double bridge and reflective gradient lenses

Model 6444

  • Genuine cat-eye shape in a modern interpretation thanks to premium metal finishes and reflective lenses
  • Fashion statement that can be worn without sunshine

Model 6416

  • Hexagon-shaped lenses create retro look
  • Fresh interpretation with reflective or tinted lenses
  • Expressive and delicate at the same time

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