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Miss Montego never leaves the house without her sunglasses from Blackfin. She simply loves the combination of white and gold reflecting lenses. Secured at her spectacle cord from Coco Bonito, wearing them always feels a little bit as being on holidays – no matter where she is. Additionally, she use to wear her favorite ring by 1974 that she bought on her last trip to New York City and a vintage pair of earrings, that she found at a flee market in Brooklyn. Besides that, she always carries her little green notebook from Field Notes. Since you never know when a genius thought strikes, you always have to be ready. Another essential in her purse is the smartphone case from Lucky & Nelly – totally vegan and sustainable. Doing good can look so good! Furthermore, Miss Montego would never go out without her hand cream »B13« by Oliveda. And definitely not without her face cream »F42«. She swears on the holistic healing power of the olive tree – that may sound a little esoteric but what works, works!

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