Modo Eyewear launches Eco 2017 Collection


With ECO, Modo brings sustainability and social responsibility full circle – from the materials they use in the frames to the trees they plant that clean the air and enable farmers to support their communities.

I WEAR NATURE – Modo’s latest campaign features images where nature is part of the individual. They represent a lifestyle that considers the natural world around us, where we see ourselves intertwined with the environments and resources that define our world. As part of nature, we can work toward solutions that preserve and renew the planet.

ECO biobased frames are made with 63% castor seeds – making them sustainable while lightweight and comfortable. The frames are colourful and playful, and with new styles you can even add a magnetic sun clip to maximize your ECO look!

In order to bring their commitment full circle, ECO combines sustainability and social responsibility with their ONE FRAME – ONE TREE pledge! For each ECO frame sold, Modo plants a tree. Together with Trees for the Future, they have planted over 1.5 million trees so far! These trees provide environmental and air quality benefits, while also empowering farmers in developing areas with a source of income and refreshed soil for better harvests.

So that you can look good and feel good too!

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