MODO launches revolutionary SPRING/SUMMER 2017 Collection

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MODO is an eyewear company driven by a passion for innovation. Adopting the latest manufacturing technology and newest materials in their products’ designs, their emphasis is on quality and functionality. For their latest Spring/Summer R 1000 + Titanium collection, the New York brand merged form and function.


The R 1000 + Titanium collection is a combination of Resin 1000, a super-light and super-flexible memory plastic, and Beta Titanium 153 – the frames are resilient and will always return to their original shape. R 1000’s strength and flexibility is revolutionizing aeronautic, scientific, and technological processes.


Each frame is constructed with R 1000 fronts and temple tips with Beta Titanium temples. MODO’s innovative tradition pushes further with the collection’s new, proprietary screwless hinges that assure consistent movements that will never loosen.


For the Spring/Summer 2017 collection launch, MODO introduces six optical styles, all of which complement the revolutionary R 1000 + Titanium combination.


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