MODO // Sun Sun Sun

Discreet Luxury and Timeless Design

MODO’s identity is in discreet luxury and timeless design, from the thinnest titanium frames to chunky acetate, a MODO frames will never weigh you down. This year’s Modo Sun Collection is where technology meets design, in balance between style and optical performance. The innovative hi-tech materials allow new textures and greater thickness, without losing the typical brand’s lightness.

Hidden Screwless Hinges Technical details such as the hidden screwless hinges accent the frame’s minimal looks and the High Cromatic Definition (HCD) polarized lenses offer an extremely clear vision as they have an anti-reflective coating that offers unsurpassed colour clarity and glare reduction.

Polarized lenses

Furthermore, the polarized lenses absorb the horizontal light waves, eliminate glare, and improve colour and object differentiation. On top of that, MODO’s nylon lenses have higher impact and stress resistance, flexibility, and versatility than polycarbonate, plastic, or glass lenses.

So instead of just buying some random Sunnies that will get you through Summer, MODO gives you the option to get a high quality pair that will last throughout the decade.

Find out more about MODO, their current collections and their Brand Profile on SPECTR and FAVR here!

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