MONOCEROS BOOTES – a unique piece for your eyes from a single piece of horn.


Over the past few years, a small group of selected employees has developed new horn processing technologies in the brand’s factory in Austria. Now, we can do something that seemed unachievable at first – like reaching the stars – which was our motivation for MONOCEROS: we bend a single plate of natural horn around the endpiece of the eyeglasses with a specially developed technology and refine it by hand. This creates the unique MONOCEROS horn frame.



The Bootes from the MONOCEROS collection is a completely new interpretation of classic horn frames. The noble dark buffalo horn was designed to an exclusive frame with highest ambitions towards design and hand-manual skills. The ultimate delicate rim gives the Taurus and his wearer an elegant touch and charm. The frame is a modern, multifaceted combination of exquisite naturalness and gives a glamorous touch.

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