It’s deeply rooted in the DNA of eyewear brand MONOQOOL to work with innovative materials and technologies. So it’s no surprise that the Danish high-tech eyewear outfit has adopted (and advanced) 3D-printing processes. While many labels may be offering 3D-printed frames at this point, it’s worth pointing out that MONOQOOL counts among the early pioneers. Today, the label is printing its models from High Performance Polyamide, entirely in Denmark. As a guiding principle, the designers are dedicated to offering wearers the highest possible level of comfort. In order to make it happen, they have been able to lower the overall weight of models in the Slider series down to only 4 grams – a new world record! – through the use of ultra-thin, screwless temples crafted from stainless steel. The motto: “Easy to adjust. Happy customers.” The best news is that you can now try these new models, and more MONOQOOL, virtually right here on FAVR.

Visit the brand new MONOQOOL brand profile on FAVR to virtually try on their eyeglasses and sunglasses and find opticians in your area.

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