The French brand MOREL is both creative and innovative. Established 140 years ago, the brand has never stopped working at perfecting its know-how, refining its technical skills and cultivating its creativity. Today, MOREL owns the largest design center for eyeglasses in France. Artistic directors, designers, prototype makers and colour specialists work hand in hand to design the eyeglasses we love to wear, from the initial idea to the finished product.

And it’s true, holding and then wearing a pair of MOREL eyeglasses, whether it be Sunnies or normal glasses, is always a special feeling. The combination of colours, high quality materials and just plain comfort is irresistible.


Morel’s designers reimagine current trends and challenge creativity when choosing colours and materials. Their unique play with opacity illuminates each design. Morel presents frames in masculine shapes what will delight fans of creative and mastered products.


Not only in the Eyewear department does Morel think forward. Their masculine shapes fit perfectly and the category 3 polarized lenses protect your eyes the way they should. Completing and complementing each outfit, this chic sunglass (below) is retro-inspired with its high shape and key-hole bridge. Made completely from acetate, this frame is reminiscent of Morel’s first designs. The extra touch? A thin metal bar delicately placed at the top to catch the light. La French touch, quoi!

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Brand Profile at Spectr.

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