Today’s woman knows what she wants. No hiding behind her glasses, in fact, right the opposite is true! Her glasses have become a special way of expressing herself, a must-have part and accessory of her wardrobe. MOREL got the message and created a line of eyewear especially designed for the ladies. Super elegant and classy. We are presenting two frames of the collection and highly recommend you check out their website to find out more.

This frame plays on volume to frame the eyes like makeup. Its 60s style makes it resolutely feminine. It will delight a self-assured, risk-taking woman The cat’s eye shape is enhanced by an acetate brow-bar with a facet in intense emerald green – absolutely trendy. This frame is perfect to complete vintage fans’ wardrobes.

A frame totally qualified to be the must-have frame for every with-it girl. Its impetuous, bold lines frame the eyes of daring women. Its hexagonal shape and graded powdery colors offer trendy, original eyeglasses. This is a genuine style exercise for Morel, offering a feminine, ingenious frame that combines technical excellence with controlled creativity.

Find out more about Morel and their new collection here:

Brand Profile at Spectr.

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