Moscot: Sechel

nerdy, trendy, great

Okay, let’s cut straight to the chase: The Moscot “Sechel” model is this issue’s Editor’s Choice! But why!? Great question, especially with the extensive selection of superb eyewear in our studio offering plentiful choices. But this time there was just no doubt. Ultimately, we voted in favor of this model by the traditional craftsmen from New York City because a) it looks pretty damn great and b) the transparent, multi-layered frame comes out amazing in photographs. Our cover model Kilian was also instantly smitten with this style. But what style is the Setchel, exactly? It’s equal parts nerdy and (thereby) trendy, but also leans towards the classical spectrum with straight, clean lines on the outside and soft, round contours on the inside. Meanwhile, the Setchel is far from overloaded, but rather achieves an understated overall appearance in all kinds of situations. A delicious mixture of stylish ingredients – cheers to that!


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