Of course, all munic campaigns are closely linked to the collection, which is the source of inspiration for all their shootings, locations and the entire communication. But this year, the advertising campaign is inspired by more than just the current collection.

Some call it retro. We call it reflection.

Infused with the brand’s commitment to the sustainability of their glasses and the timeless value of things, the German Eyewear brand focusses on two things that they have always valued. That’s why, for their 2020 campaign the brand has chosen a location that embodies exactly these values of timeless design. Some call it retro. Munic simply calls it reflection. The new campaign is set in scene in a lovingly restored house from the 70s. It’s a visionary campaign related to the best of the good old days.

And just like the new collection itself plays with gradients, oversized shapes and forms, the campaigns plays with sun rays, patterns, colour contrasts and the idea that munic Eyewear passes the test of time, decade after decade. An overall success, that’s what we call it for sure!

Check out the new frames and the 2020 collection here.

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