MYKITA // Light Narratives by Mark Borthwick

For their new campaign 2020, German Brand Mykita turned to natural light, captured by the trusted analogue Leica camera of photographer Mark Borthwick. Mark is renowned for his warm, unaffected visual style. With an authentic approach and aesthetic that does without real styling or hair & make up, he has a modus operandi that fits with the truly personal aspect of MYKITA design. As a longtime collaborator and friend of the MYKITA HAUS, Mark has shaped the visual language of the Berlin eyewear label over the years. Full of warmth and spontaneity, his images have become a universal expression for the modern, familial spirit of MYKITA.

For the 2020 MYKITA campaign Mark captures a varied cast of individuals on location in a remote area of Portugal. The clean, minimalist imagery features wide- open spaces and a neutral colour palette dominated by blue sky and tan earth interspersed with flashes of bright crimson fabric appearing throughout. The mixed group of characters are captured in a contemplative, dreamy mood. As so often in his photoshoots, the glasses play a natural role, underlining the expression of each compelling individual but never dominating the image. This is a true recognition factor of Mark’s work who like to feature a mixed cast of personalities through portrait photography.

Here a a few frames of the new Mykita 2020 collection….

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