MYKITA // MM6 Maison Margiela


Launching at the FW20 MM6 Studio collection show, MYKITA expands its longstanding design partnership with Maison Margiela via a special edition created in collaboration with studio MM6. Taking its cue from the label’s lighter take on avant-garde, the eyewear designs present a more contemporary, street-inspired mood.

The sunshields all use the same straight frame construction made of MYLON with different shield shapes to create the distinct silhouettes. Oversized yet ultra lightweight, the models showcase the unique possibilities of the MYLON material and the technology of 3D-manufacturing.

The exciting Margiela Sunnies MM6 have yet to find their new owners, which shouldn’t be that hard given their Coolness factor.

Want to find out more? Have a look at the collection and many more models of the brand here:

Brand Profile at SPECTR. Have a look on FAVR to find your perfect pair of Sunnies for sunny Fall!

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