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Neubau Highlights 2018

Austrian eyewear label NEUBAU has a penchant for naming their eyewear styles after male and female first names. And because it takes two to tango, the designers also like to create new styles in a double pack. According to this tradition, a new men’s style is always released next to a matching women’s version across all collections. For this issue’s Collection Shoot, NEUBAU sent us a package with not just one, but two new double packs that represent the highlights of their latest collections.

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When it comes to drawing inspiration for their eyewear designs, NEUBAU likes to take pointers from urban culture. The name of the label reflects this influence, as NEUBAU is also the name of a trending borough in their country’s capitol, Vienna. This hip aspect is balanced by a different set of values in manufacturing: The label based in the town of Linz prioritizes sustainability and environmental protection across the entire production chain – from the packaging all the way to the actual eyewear.

These values are embodied in the new naturalPX Collection: All styles are manufactured from organic and renewable raw materials while combining light weight, flexibility and stability. The two collection standouts presented in our photo shoot are »Adam« and »Eva«; prescription styles featuring the new NEUBAU hinge concept already showcased in the sunglasses styles »Sigmund« and »Carl«. A dynamic duo, »Adam« and »Eva« are classic designs that lend their wearers a bold, yet understated appearance.

The other half of the double pack – models »Nina« and »Max« – stems from the Stainless Steel Collection. The male model is a modern take on aviator frames with a double bridge extending across the entire width of the frame. With its generous cut-outs, the female style »Nina« is even more of an eyecatcher, inspired by elegant cat eye designs. Both frames achieve a balance between making bold statements and retaining a refined look thanks to their detailed construction that is rich in detail. And no worries if you’re single: All styles are available “solo”, not just in a double pack, of course.

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