NEUBAU // How to Find the Right Frames

Finding the right frame takes time, but sustainable eyewear collection Neubau has released a full range of styles from fashion forward to classic opticals. The brand Neubau is all about lightweight, distinctive optical frames using eco-friendly materials such as naturalPX, which is made from organically sourced and renewable product.


Eco-friendly glasses

To refresh your memory, naturalPX is a highly developed, eco-friendly material used to manufacture Neubau’s polymer eyeglass frames. naturalPX is made from organically sourced and renewable primary products, as 65% of it is based on oil extracted from the seeds of castor oil plants.

The material boasts premium material characteristics: light in weight, super flexible and sturdy, in a wide range of colors ranging from deep colors to a long-lasting transparent crystal clear finish.
The lightness of the material allows for comfort and gives Neubau designs a rather enjoyable feel.

Every Neubau model comes in a beautiful box!


Neubau’s collection is innovative, timeless and fashionable with prices ranges from $185 – $495, available at

Brand Profile at Spectr.

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