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It’s pretty cool when a brand combines looking good with doing good. That’s exactly what NEUBAU is doing. The Austrian brand combines urbanity, sustainability, authenticity and ingenious wit. The focus of SEE & DO GOOD is a conscious consumption and a forward-looking production. It’s about respecting the environment and being eco-friendly. For some time, one thought that this sustainable behavior comes in a – well let’s say not very fashionable look. Luckily, NEUBAU proves that you can do good while enjoying aesthetics at the same time. The frames, the spectacle cases, cleaning cloths, the POS material – everything meets the approach to be eco-friendly. For example, NEUBAU creates the cleaning cloths out of old PET bottles.

We’re pretty excited to see what NEUBAU comes up with next and which social projects empowering nature in urban surroundings they will support in future.

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