NEUBAU presents a sustainable interplay of forms, colours and materials

Since 2016, the Austrian eyewear label NEUBAU EYEWEAR has stood for high-quality premium design based on a sustainable brand philosophy. Known for innovative solutions for the resource-saving production of eyewear, NEUBAU is presenting a collection made of sustainable acetate for the first time in autumn 2022. The purely plant-based material is the basis for the extensive collection of modern design eyewear entitled “SHAPES OF MOTION”, which are characterised by a unique, deep colouring. In a total of eight handmade optical models, NEUBAU skillfully combines premium material with classic design and bright colours, whose transparent textures offer a contemporary balance for every day.

Nature, an eternal rolemodel

Designed and handmade in the CO2-neutral production facility in the heart of Austria, natural elements of nature are omnipresent companions of the design process. For the “SHAPES OF MOTION” collection, NEUBAU finds inspiration in the flowing yet powerful movements of water. In addition to the allusion to transparent textures, the symbolic image of water in this collection stands for a deeper meaning. Like water, NEUBAU EYEWEAR explores new paths for sustainable solutions with the “SHAPES OF MOTION” collection in constant movement and transformation. The new material represents another sustainable milestone and proves that premium design and the respectful treatment of nature go hand in hand.

A sustainable interplay of shapes, colours and materials

Eight optical eyewear designs present themselves in versatile shape options and designs. With a palette ranging from luminous “Honey”, transparent “Rose” to classic “Brown Havana”, NEUBAU offers special colour diversity in the new collection. The basis for this sustainable interplay of contemporary classic shapes and deep colouring is the new material natural Acetate. Natural Acetate is a purely plant-based material composition of cotton and wood. In contrast to traditionally used acetates, this sustainable material creation does without harmful components and uses only plant-based softeners. As a result, the material is considered biodegradable and particularly environmentally friendly. In a successful combination with temples made of high-quality titanium, NEUBAU EYEWEAR creates its first natural acetate collection in a balanced design that combines luminous accents with minimalist elements and classic modernity.


The new models „JOSI“, „LENI“, „FLO“, „HELMUT“, „RUPERT“, „GUSTAV“, „KARL“ and „ALENA“ are each available from September 2022 onwards.

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