NEUBAU // Sustainable, even through Tough Times

NEUBAU Eyewear Global Brand Director gives insight into the brand’s successful sustainability strategy

The Austrian eyewear label neubau eyewear reacts to the current COVID-19 situation with agility and flexibility, thanks to local and innovative production. Their forward-looking business has paved the way for environmentally friendly solutions for their customers. For a comprehensive insight into their sustainable corporate strategy, NEUBAU Eyewear has published a Sustainability Guide with a transparent list of the measures that form the sustainable foundation. By doing so, NEUBAU Eyewear proves that eyewear design and an environmentally friendly corporate philosophy can go hand in hand.

Daniel Liktor, Global Brand Director of NEUBAU Eyewear, emphasizes the importance of anchoring the sustainability strategy in the label’s cornerstones right from the start:

„Sustainability is not only a fundamental conviction, but also proves to be the right way to go in the current situation. Especially the local production in Austria proves to be an advantage, because we are able to control it even under difficult conditions. The unexpected crisis demonstrates the fundamental role that a sustainability strategy plays for companies today.

For Daniel Liktor, the crisis raises another question as well: “As a company that has continuously decided in favour of a production location in the middle of Europe, in Austria, we are constantly dealing with the general question of the extent to which globalisation is beneficial and what we are doing to our planet. This is where Neubau is one step ahead in view of the current crisis.”

Sustainability never out of sight

The sustainable strategy of neubau eyewear is based on central quality features such as the use of sustainable materials in the form of bio-based plastics and the recycling of materials such as paper and PET bottles. The label also places the highest sustainability demands on its local production facilities, which are located in a Linz water conservation area. The label ensures that these demands are met by using renewable and solar energy and filtering exhaust air. The recyclable soft case spectacle cases introduced in 2017 alone have reduced the CO2 footprint by 90 percent compared to other hard case spectacle cases, and the use of demo lenses produced in Austria has saved over a tonne of annual CO2 emissions. In addition, since 2019, neubau eyewear has been following an agreed code of conduct in its cooperation with suppliers, in which strict compliance with environmental standards is laid down. True to the motto “See & Do Good”, the label pursues a vision that combines social and ecological responsibility with high design standards. The motto serves as a daily reminder to focus on people and the environment every step of the way.

For the company, holistic sustainability also means that the product features are designed with a view to benefits and ecology. In addition to the boxes, which are either cellulose-based and do not require any adhesives or are made of recycled material, the cleaning cloths are also made of recycled PET bottles.

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