State of the Art – The sustainable Austrian eyewear brand NEUBAU EYEWEAR and German fashion label ODEEH, which is renowned for its revival of the fine art of atelier craftsmanship, are launching their first joint collection as an ode to their appreciation of materials, fashion and functionality.


A collective understanding of high-quality materials is manifested in the minimalist yet striking designs of the creations, which incorporate the latest technology and functional features. The color concept of the five models also conveys a contemporary approach to sophisticated design with shades that not only make a statement but are also understated at the same time. This was the aim of the design process, both at the atelier of designer duo Otto Drögsler and Jörg Ehrlich and at the local NEUBAU EYEWEAR production facility in Austria. A unique aspect of the designer edition is the launch of NEUBAU EYEWEAR’s first glasses made of titanium, a material that stands out with exceptional features such as a high flexibility, extreme lightness and long-lasting color intensity.


Inspired by natural materials like ceramics, the color nuances are a tonal interpretation of warm earthy hues and harmonize perfectly with the clothing designs in ODEEH’s spring/summer 2021 collection. From graphic prints to flowing silhouettes and elegant, yet contrasting styles – every collection, including the capsule collection with NEUBAU EYEWEAR, is testament to the designer duo’s constant pursuit of perfection and passion.

ODEEH is a label that invests the utmost passion in all its creations. It’s easy to see why the label enjoys such an excellent reputation, not only in Germany but also internationally. And here at NEUBAU EYEWEAR we have a constant focus on sustainability and work with partners who treat resources with just as much respect as we do.” – Daniel Liktor, Global Brand Director NEUBAU EYEWEAR.


Find out more about the „Made in Austria“ Brand NEUBAU EYEWEAR here:

Brand Profile at Spectr. NEUBAU is also available on FAVR among many other great brands!


The collection is all about bold statements that also exude an elegant understatement. In our understanding of a modern wardrobe, which encompasses both fashion and accessories, this balance was so important to us. Because, at the end of the day, we always design with our responsibility to the environment in mind, which is why our creations outlast the seasons. Longevity and a respect for the environment are what connect us with NEUBAU EYEWEAR.”

– ODEEH designers Otto Drögsler and Jörg Ehrlich

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