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Danish elegance with attention to detail and technique

There is a new kid in town and it goes by the name of VÆRK Copenhagen. We are more than happy to introduce a new and exclusive eyewear collection representing the brand’s dedication to combine fine craftsmanship, advanced technology, and Danish design traditions. With a focus on beautiful engineering and attention to detail, VÆRK eyewear’s signature feature is an interlocking hinge system designed without any screws.

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In collaboration with the renowned Danish industrial design duo Harrit-Sørensen, VÆRK has developed an innovative hinge concept, a technical marvel, that not only constitutes high level precision but also an aesthetically appealing link between the frame front and temple.

The VÆRK hinge itself is created using a system of calculated components and great accuracy while technology is particularly integrated in a classic and clean frame design.
At VÆRK all frames are designed without any unnecessary and disturbing elements reflecting the high and uncompromising ideals of the design. It is Danish minimalistic elegance with attention to detail and technique.

The VÆRK frames are crafted from three high-quality materials; acetate, stainless steel, and carbon wood – all durable, lightweight materials with an unwavering commitment to exceptional technology and quality. Looking forward to seeing more of these Skandinavian beauties soon!

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