New Götti Collections

The new Retro line (see above) features framestyles that evoke an earlier epoch. Panto forms and balanced trapezoid shapes hearken back to the 1950s. High-quality titanium manufacturing and polished frame rims give them an ultra sophisticated look, while transporting this line into modern times. Sven Götti chose a selection of fresh, light colors to match the spring. The satin matt coloring gives these glasses an elegance appearance. Rounded edges, a sculptural form and beautiful color combinations combine to make these titanium models the hit eyewear for early summer.

Voluminous shapes from the days of flower power are what make the acetate collection so outstanding. Three-dimensional faceting of the surfaces turn flat materials into a sculptural object. This finishing truly brings out the true brilliance of the material, which can only be achieved through elaborate hand-polishing. It takes craftsmanship to produce a unique sheet of acetate: Just as with a sculpture, the structure of the material must be taken into account and worked with layer by layer to reach the desire effect. If you look closely at the butt portion of the temples, there you’ll find engraved Swiss sayings. The short sayings are written in Swiss German (Zurich dialect) and make reference to the origins of Götti Switzerland.

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