New in Town: Reiz Sunglasses

Here comes the Sun.
High-end German optical brand Reiz is all about artistic eyewear designs. And naturally, this also includes a focus on sunglasses. Having delighted eyewear connoisseurs with occasional limited edition sunglasses releases over the past few years, Reiz is now stepping it up by taking shades into serial production. Under the title “Lovely Sun,” their first official sunglasses collection will feature four different models crafted from cellulose acetate, each available in four fresh colorways featuring anti-reflective CR-39 lenses. With their sleek acetate frames, the shades embody the same level of style and craftsmanship already perfected in Reiz prescription eyewear. The curvature and angles of the frames – combined with the collection’s well-chosen colorways create a powerful, yet delicate overall impression. Above all, Reiz clearly chose to go beyond the safety of emulating the average eyewear styles on the current market to present their own, individualistic vision for what sunglasses styles in 2012 will look like.

In true gentleman fashion, the expert craftsmen from the Swabia region of Germany are putting “ladies first” in their new collection: Aside from one unisex model, the “Lovely Sun” series features three women’s models, aptly named after the sun goddesses from a range of different cultures and traditions: Utu, Inti, Surya and Mithra were worshipped by the Sumerians, Incas, Hindus and ancient Romans, respectively. We here at Eyewear magazine have decided to pay tribute by featuring the series in our “New in town” column.

Looking at these stylish shades, many readers will probably want to know when they can get their hands on a pair. The answer: Soon! The collection – with all pieces handmade in Germany in true Reiz tradition – will be available from March 2012 at select retailers. Lovely!

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