With the launch of the new EYEWEAR collections, the Swiss label NIRVAN JAVAN is focusing on the cosmopolitan facet – inspired by the metropolises Tokyo, London, Paris and Chicago.

NIRVAN JAVAN sees itself as an ambassador of a modern society that thinks cosmopolitically and meets the world with openness – a philosophy of diversity and freedom that knows no boundaries. Inspired by the history of the designer, the symbiosis of cultures gives rise to the awareness of NIRVAN JAVAN: a pioneer in seeing the world with his own eyes.

This new stylistic and conceptual approach, we’ve experience live at this year’s OPTI in Munich, takes the brand to the next level!

Once around the globe and back

The new NIRVAN JAVAN EYEWEAR collections, named after the four metropolises – Tokyo, London, Paris and Chicago – serve as the first destinations on this stylistic journey. Four cities that impress and inspire the designer both with their culturally vibrant atmosphere and their impressive architectural elements.

High end quality Made in Japan

The innovation of the two new collections – TOKYO and LONDON – lies in the materials used, Japanese acetate and titanium. Handcrafted in Japan, the designs fit perfectly into the concept and emphasise the brand’s high standards of quality and perfection.

The names of the individual models take up the cosmopolitan aspect again and are named after the times in the different time zones. For example, the LONDON 04:02 (GMT) or TOKYO 01:07 (JST) models.


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