Novelties in LOOK – MADE IN ITALIA’s Collections LOOK and MATERIKA

LOOK – MADE IN ITALIA’s AUREA capsule collection spawns two new acetate collections, one LOOK and one MATERIKA.

The AUREA capsule, introduced at MIDO 2022 and comprising four limited-edition styles – two LOOK and two MATERIKA – gives rise to two acetate optical-frame collections that heighten the concepts of beauty and harmony originally found in the company’s #newrinascimento communication campaign and are embodied in the concept of the golden section.

Imbued with exquisite design, emblematic of sophisticated Italian creativity, the concept for the collection originated with the image of the golden mean, used in art to create works of elegant proportions capable of blending the beauty that exists in nature with that of human beings, based on a deep-seated aesthetic bond.

As with the capsule, the two new collections are composed of optical eyewear in pure cellulose acetate, an exceptional material with plant-based DNA, ideal for creating interplays of color, transparency, workmanship and details that are the quintessential expression of creativity.

LOOK Adult Premium Collection

The harmonious lines of the acetate frames are echoed in generous squared and angular shapes that alternate with other softer, round and oval contours. The naturally lightweight quality of the frames is highlighted by a color palette that ranges from transparent pastel shades to subtle havana hues.


MATERIKA Adult High-End Collection

A more tactile effect distinguishes this collection, thanks to the greater thicknesses of the acetate. Understated pastel colors in some styles alternate with singular houndstooth or havana graphics in others. All LOOK and MATERIKA frames are traceable because they are developed, designed and produced entirely in Italy by LOOK – MADE IN ITALIA.



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