The Swiss at Götti introduce their Dimension X system that ensures a completely new individualization. The system: One pair of glasses, 3 sizes, 3 nose bridges and tailor-made temples. The result: optimal wear comfort and glasses with a unique identity.

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Its manufacture using 3D printing enables a lot of freedom in the customization. Since each part of the glasses is always individually produced, the desired parameters can be adapted to users’ needs. Using a laser, a nylon powder is melted layer by layer to produce the parts in-house. The resulting glasses parts become a solid and robust object. After several treatments and surface coloring, it becomes an exceptionally light and flexible pair of glasses. A high-quality product – tailored precisely to your individual needs.

The option to adjust individual components enables us to produce the perfect pair of glasses for everyone. Instead of a mass-produced product, a glasses frame with its own identity. With this technology, the limitless adaptation of all factors is fundamentally possible. Götti Dimension X concentrates on the important parameters and offers a clear system. This type of construction set eliminates the time-consuming measurement or scanning during the customer consultation. Because limitless possibilities arise just by selecting different nose bridges or lens sizes.

The custom temple length offers an additional service. In addition to two different temple types, it is also possible to manufacture different temple lengths on either side. Dimension X concentrates on the needs of the customer. With
this simple but effective customization, a high-quality individual piece can be realized at minimal cost. In addition to a construction set through which the different variations can be combined, Dimension X offers an online solution. Through the “virtual try-on,” the optimum combination is ascertained and this can be ordered directly. What was unthinkable just a few years ago is now a reality with the Götti Dimension X. A simple system for customized frames. The highest wear comfort – Made in Switzerland.

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