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Oakley Crosslink



Multitasking is the concept of being able to handle several processes at the same time. Especially females enjoy a reputation for having perfected this trait into a high art. But are women really the only ones? Far from it! The new Oakley Crosslink is the perfect proof. As a set of spectacles with an all-round-design, it effortlessly blends the spheres of work and play, while looking uniquely stylish in both areas. Thanks to the replaceable temples – two of them ship with every pair – the glasses can be adapted to any type of situation, looking either classic or playful, depending on what you have in mind. And this being a pair of Oakleys, it comes to no surprise that the Crosslink is jam-packed with innovation. Notable technical details worth mentioning include Unobtanium material for the temples and nose pads, a material that seriously enhances grip despite perspiration while the O Matter frames offer an equally lightweight and sturdy overall composition. The modern and athletic look of the Crosslink is enhanced by transparent or tinted RX-lenses. A perfect blend between safety and functionality, both during daytime and late night activities. So there you have it, once and for all: when it comes to multitasking, the fair sex now has an equal contender in the Oakley Crosslink!



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