The new Oakley Latch Beta is a fresh version of the popular Oakley Latch family models, with its daring glass shape, double-web construction and classic colours. Manufactured with a lightweight and durable design and a practical clip mechanism, the Latch Beta is an absolute must-have, and not just for athletes.

A definitive design for life on-the-go, the stainless steel construction of the Oakley Glasses with Latch concept offers the perfect blend of style and functionality. Inspired by the original Oakley Latch Diecutter, offered in both sun and RX, the model is enhanced with a latch feature for seamless integration into life, whether it be for sports, leisure time or just looking sharp when the sun is out while being super protected.

This special built-in feature enables wearers to securely fasten the glasses onto their shirt collar or open pocket – allowing them to move through their day without interruption. Tested and approved, it really helps keeping the glasses scratch free whilst using both hands at all time. Oakley uses this system on a variety of models that come in several colorways. Once again, Oakley prove that not only they are technically fit but that they are well deserving of a spot in the top brands when it comes to being innovative and look cool. Well done!

Find out more: www.oakley.com/

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