Minimalism is at the core of every Öga frame. The focus of the collection is on functionally oriented Scandinavian design. The pursuit of the essential helps create eyewear with compact lines and a clear and stark shape. Variations in volume and the combination of materials from modern architecture such as aluminum and wood produce high-quality eyewear concepts. The premium line Öga+ is dominated by wood. The natural material is handcrafted by cabinet makers from the Jura area of Switzerland.

The collection offers high comfort in wear thanks to the patented spring hinge and the extremely comfortable fit. High-quality technical materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and high-performance polyamide ensure a long service life. The versatility of the Öga line is emphasized by the large selection of prescription frames suitable for PALs, by the sunglasses suitable for prescription lenses, by the range of models in different sizes for wide or narrow faces and by the wide frame groove for high prescriptions.



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