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“Come again this afternoon to the dunes behind the mill. at old mrs. Aldermann’s we can see each other without fear, as the house is far enough off the road. you must not worry so much about everything. we have our rights, too. if you will say that to yourself emphatically, i think all fear will depart from you. life would not be worth the living if everything that applies in certain specific cases should be made to apply in all. all the best things lie beyond that. learn to enjoy them.” – Theodor Fontane, ‘Effi Briest’. 1896

ic! Berlin’s luxury brand ONONO – the very few – presents the eleventh collection in its forty-nine collection existence,

designed by Vicky Strojek.


Onono -the very few- is, in the truest sense of the word, limited. Limited to 49 collections over 49 years. Limited to one designer per collection. Limited to humanely acquired buffalo horn from sustainable sources. Limited to 12 models per collection (six in horn, six in stainless steel), each in three colour combinations, of which 49 pieces are produced.

Having worked closely with original vintage eyewear, Strojek took inspiration from classic design elements and re-imagined them for the 21st century. The styles in collection 11 draw on classic panto and aviator shapes from the 50s and 60s executed with significantly less visual and material weight than traditional horn eyewear: every frame in collection 11 weighs less than 29 grams. Strojek’s collection exhibits a new lightness in material while staying true to the eccentricity of the style of the period.

Each collection is thematically bound to a poem or literary quote. Strojek chose the above passage from ‘effi briest’ by Theodore Tontane. It is an excerpt from love letter to the titular character, Effi, from her married lover, major von crampas. Strojek chose this excerpt because in it, Fontane takes the idea that the best things in life are to be found off the beaten track and turns it into a literary leitmotif. It is a tenet that can be seen throughout Fontane’s works, one that speaks to the societal zeitgeist.

Vicky Strojek is a PR and fashion consultant in Berlin specialising in communication and brand management in the luxury eyewear market. In her design debut Strojek challenges the conventions of heavy horn eyewear with a collection that combines mid 20th century aesthetics with 21st century technology.

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More Info on Onono: www.onono.com

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