Ørgreen Colors 2012

Sahra Lysell explains Ørgreen’s 2012 color schemes

Sahra, what is your job at Ørgreen?
As the Color Advisor at Ørgreen, I consult on a number of different projects that all involve different ways of using color. I am working very closely with the rest of the design team, which has helped to create the ground-breaking look that has made Ørgreen famous throughout the world – namely for our design and colours.


What is the inspiration behind your choice of colors?
It always starts with some kind of gut feeling, an emotion – and from there, a world of color starts taking shape in my head. After that, I seek inspiration in a different world – to complete the color palette. I find great inspiration in the Mexican architect Luis Barragán, the amazing ways in which he implemented colors into his architecture. I also adore the female graffiti artist Miss Van and her sexy, feminine color universe. And I get lots of inspiration from traveling. Walking the streets all over the world is the biggest window of inspiration for me.

Where do materials factor in when it comes to colors?
I love working with the colors in our titanium series, because there are no limits for what you can do. Our Japanese color technicians work very hard to create the exact tones that we want, as our demands are both high quality and prescise color tones. The right color tone is crucial for what works on people’s faces. Acetate is a different world, it lets you design beautiful patterns and amazing color tones. I like how you can make small color statements in the material, in a sophiscated and understated way. Things that you only notice when you look more closely at the material, so it tells a little story and makes a difference when you see the frame.

What are the color themes for this Spring/Summer collection?
Four words describe the new Ørgreen collection: grace, refinement, playfullness and optimism. The colors are playfull and bold in a sophisticated way. Delicate pastels, sorbet hues, and vibrant acid colors that remind you that Spring is just around the corner. And our designs draw on retro references from both sides of the Atlantic, with 50´s interior and leisure shades, alongside deck chair and candy stripes with a sportswear twist. Also 80´s inspired Miami colors, which make these shades work well for youthful first timers as well as people with a sense for nostalgia. You will also see the sophisticated and beautiful colors from the 70`s such as purple, red, brown, black and gold in our collection. Just picture Bianca Jagger at Studio 54 in a slinky gown, ivory cigarette holder in hand, and you´ve got the picture. All in all, the collection makes the statement that luxury and quality can be absolutely playful.

What are your favorite styles in the collection? And why?
I love the Carter frame, named after the 1971 crime thriller “Get Carter.” It looks like an acetate frame, due to the thickness of the design, but is actually made from titanium. I see this as the perfect modern frame for the cosmopolitan playboy, who values tailored suits, cool sophisticated glasses and a smart sportscar above all.

Drummer col. 174
“I love the DRUMMER in black and mint green, for its unique acetate from the 60´s that we found at an old factory in Japan”


Kube col. 179
“I love the KUBE in grey and blue, for its cool shape and its sophisticated acetate with a splash of aqua color near the upper part of the brow.”


Notorious 183
“I love the NOTORIOUS in brown and caramel. Retro styles making a reappearance in a timeless, classic style for men.”


Brando col. 380
“I love the BRANDO in sand-blasted palladium, the design is the essence of masculinity without being over-powering. The inspiration for the color comes from my true companion, my MacBook Pro.”


Carter col. 352
“I love the CARTER frame for the soft look that’s similar to an acetate model but light as a feather due to the titanium material. It’s amazing in earthy black with aubergine-colored inside.


Palma Lova 346
“The sunglasses I am wearing right now and a must have for this summer: the very feminine PALMA LOVA in gold! This is a very coquettish style, inspired by the 50’s with a sly carved-out curve, which accentuates the eyebrow.”


Kjeld T 345
“My favorite male sunglasses for this spring-summer are the KJELD Ts in light blue/grey. A large, masculine style with a rectangular shape whose name comes from the Danish underground music scene.”


Vespa 350
”I love the VESPA , it’s an ultra-thin and modern frame and I adore the delicious unisex color choices of charcoal and mint. Mint is one of the most important fashion colors this summer.”


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