Ørgreen introduces 12 new models using the most advanced 3D printing technology of its kind – in bespoke designer frames that fit any face, any lifestyle. Adding design as a key element to a cutting-edge platform called Yuniku, developed by Materialise and Hoya Vision Care Company.

Without a doubt, 3D printing is having a dramatic impact on product innovation, creating new possibilities previously impossible. Already vital in aerospace, lifestyle, fashion, design and more, Yuniku leads the way in eyewear with a state-of-the-art platform. The world’s first vision-centric 3D-tailored eyewear. Advanced 3D printing that makes it possible to customise frames starting with the optimal optical parameters for unprecedented vision.

A special scanner measures your facial features. Advanced software calibrates the optimal position of the lenses for the best visual performance. Taking into account your lifestyle, such as how, when and where you use glasses, the frames are automatically tailored to fit. On screen, augmented reality lets you see yourself wearing the frames without actually wearing them. A digital file is instantly generated incorporating all the data, ready for your frames to be 3D printed. The result is an incredible visual experience and personalised fit – in truly bespoke eyewear.

“With Yuniku, we’re starting at a high level but we haven’t even scratched the surface in terms of possibilities,” adds Ørgreen. “New shapes, colours, combinations, materials, finishes and nuances. All reflecting our distinctive Ørgreen style. In the future, this level of 3D printing will be the new norm. We’re thrilled to be at the start of a whole new movement that’s turning the industry upside down.”

The ultimate in precision, performance and personalisation

While Yuniku celebrates the uniqueness of each face, with its distinctive features and expressions, intrinsic to the personalisation is empowerment. “Personalisation is the biggest trend in all retail,” says Alireza Parandian, who leads the global business strategy for wearable applications at Materialise.

“With Yuniku, we’re empowering people to play a pivotal role in personalising their own eyewear,” adds Parandian. “From the style of the frames, fit, colour and finish to the best way to meet their lifestyle needs. The scanning takes place in an instant. We factor in a variety of parameters that are finely tuned to each individual. No other technology out there can achieve such precision, performance and personalisation.”


Yuniku is a real game changer

The name Yuniku is a phonetic pronunciation in Japanese of the word unique, honouring Hoya’s heritage as a company originally founded in Japan. Hoya is a pioneer in the industry, the first on the eyewear market to introduce augmented reality and one of the leaders worldwide with such superior lens precision. Felix España is the Global New Media Manager at HOYA Vision Care Company who developed the software for Yuniku with the R&D team at Materialise.

“Traditionally, the frames are the starting point, which actually limits the fit and the accuracy of vision,” says España. “With Yuniku’s vision-centric approach, the result is more freedom to customise the frames and fit – and better vision than you ever imagined.”

Yuniku is a real game changer, also in terms of resources. Everything is made to measure, so the only material used is the material needed for each frame. “For eyewear professionals, that means there’s no surplus, only samples,” explains España. “Your portfolio is renewed continuously. Opticians are already seeing an amazing improvement in customer satisfaction, triggering the curiosity of others to try it.”

More Info: www.orgreen.com

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