Ørgreen introduces 12 new and updated styles to their iconic range of titanium frames that cater to a wide range of tastes and personalities.

Consisting of 7 male and 5 female frames, the new titanium collection is a series of new and updated styles inspired by some of Ørgreen’s all-time bestsellers. Made from 100% pure titanium and beta-titanium, these new lightweight additions are characterized by their durability and minimalistic Nordic design manufactured by only the most skilled Japanese craftsmen in the business.

Experience the uniquely developed color combinations that enhance the frames’ design and offer new dimensions to the wearer’s look and expression. Staying true to our nordic roots and timeless design, the variation of new shapes and details maintain Ørgreen optics’ ability to keep producing titanium eyewear of the highest quality.

Bryce is Ørgreen’s newest aviator-shaped male style made from 100% titanium and beta-titanium. This medium-sized style comes in an array of colour combinations such as Mat Dark Grey/Mat Orange that can match every type of personality. Much like Timothy Bryce, this style has a striking aura of stylishness.
Due to its smaller size, Allen is suited to slightly smaller faces and is the perfect style for men who look for quality through subtlety. Allen is the perfect style for the individual going for a more subtle look without compromising design nor quality. Colour combinations range from Mat Black + Mat Teal Blue to Mat Rio Red + Mat Petrol Blue.

Nastassja is back in a brand new 2.0 version, boasting 6 new exclusive colour combinations. With slim temples, seductive curves, and a slight descent on the bridge, Nastassja is an ultra-feminine frame and has been updated with a dazzling array of new colour combinations such as Mat Tuxedo Blue and Mat Dark Purple + Mat Green, and a new smooth and enclosed end tip. As part of the exclusive Grand Danois collection, Nastassja lies at the very top of high-end eyewear for women.

Cara is a medium-large-sized style that definitely brings something new to the table. This lightweight frame is a combination of 100% titanium and beta-titanium and makes Cara the perfect frame for women who value comfort, quality, and style. Cara’s dazzling colour combinations such as Mat Pink Tint + Mat Gold and Mat Red + Mat Rose Gold will most certainly catch the eye of any bypasser.

For Ørgreen, titanium has proven to be the ultimate eyewear material, and when processed into metal, titanium is surprisingly light, flexible, and durable. Titanium has a streamlined aesthetic that is totally aligned with the Nordic approach to elegance at Ørgreen: understated, clean, uncluttered; contemporary yet timeless. For Ørgreen, titanium has proven its own worth and is still, to this day, the very cornerstone of the brand’s identity.

Go check out the Brand’s website to see the entire the collection of 12 Frames now!

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