Ørgreen Optics // The ACETATE SUN Collection

Ørgreen Optics introduces four new additions to its series of acetate sunglass frames for spring/summer 2021. The new styles have been named after four of Copenhagen’s most popular neighborhoods, where vibrancy and manifoldness unite and become the heartbeat of Denmark’s capital city.

Characterized by its strength and colour adaptability, acetate is just the right material to explore new avenues of design and colour combinations and the brand’s four new sun frames are perfect examples of. The new Ørgreen Optics styles consist of two male, one female, and one unisex, but don’t necessarily adhere to traditional gender roles. Here they are!


Inspired by Ørgreen’s local surroundings comes Christianshavn: a classic male sun style in a familiar square shape consisting of 4 classic colour combinations. Christianshavn’s slightly retro look is a 100% acetate frame and comes in 4 different colours including Black Marble + Clear Warm Grey.


Østerbro, inspired by the chic area in East Copenhagen of which it shares the same name, is a rectangular sun style in 100% acetate for both genders and comes in 4 colour combinations . A true bestseller, Østerbro is a comfortable, timeless style.


Nørrebro is a female sun style inspired by the iconic cat-eye shaped frame worn by stylish women for generations. There is a good reason behind the name, too. Nørrebro is arguably the most fashion-forward area in Copenhagen, and this trendy sun style lives up to its name.


Vesterbro is a modern take on a classic male frame inspired by the trendy, vibrant area in West Copenhagen, where cultural and ethnic differences unite. This college shaped sun style comes in 4 unique colour combinations including Black Marble.

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