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In Spring 2018 Ørgreen Optics announced the first tier of the Minimal Vintage Collection, keeping their ethos of quality and minimalist design on point whilst adding acetates vintage feel with nostalgic design references.

The collection encompasses the spirit of 1950’s Manhattan advertising houses like Mad Man characters’ Don Draper and the sassy Peggy Olsen, along with rebel beat poets such as Allen Ginsberg and their simple yet bold fashion statements mixed with their deep poetry. An intelligent collection that is set to attract everyone from the college hipster to the sous chef, Minimal Vintage does not discriminate.

Now in Fall 2018 the brand launches the second Minimal Vintage Collection in acetate with four female and one male style taking some bold risks on colour such as Transparent Purple, Red Havana and Black + Tangerine. The Stef and Michelle frames are not your regular cats eye throw-back design, the colours are much more graphic with unique details on the corners. In true Ørgreen tradition, the design team came up with new colour stories such as the nude, rose & blush shades, blending beautifully with the thicker tones creating more definitive accents on the curves and the design of the frames.

These abstract blends of old and new and soft and bold are a very convincing with shapes and tones that highlight the face.

Check out the entire collection here.

Brand Profile at Spectr.

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