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The Wood, Carbon & Gold Collection from OVVO Optics merges the durability of carbon fiber, with the beauty and elegance of exotic wood and 14kt gold.

Nine layers of carbon fiber are inserted between two lightweight pieces of wood. The carbon fiber sets the foundation for the frames, while the exotic wood-grain adds texture and detail.  Next, each piece is cut, polished by hand, and carefully set in proprietary surgical steel and titanium composite frame. Meticulous assembly process “vaporizes” pure gold into fine particles that are delicately cast onto metal parts of the frame, resulting in an opulent gold plating.

The Wood, Carbon & Gold Collection encompasses five ophthalmic styles. Each style is 14kt gold-plated and is paired with three different kinds of wood, all sustainably sourced from around the world.


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Respect for Nature

All wood used for the collection is certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®). Forest certification identifies products containing wood from forests that are managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic standards, protecting plant, animal species, and people that rely on it.

Find out More: www.ovvooptics.com

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