OVVO Optics invites technology enthusiasts and eyewear aficionados alike to experience sophistication and innovation with their three all-new carbon fiber styles.

Showcased in a new photographic series inspired by technology and AI, these frames are crafted with 11 layers of carbon fiber, providing incredible physical performance while putting the visual character of carbon fiber on display.

Carefully constructed in OVVO-owned facilities, each of the 11 layers is fused with resin in a lab-grade vacuum, then baked at a high temperature before being shaped and polished to perfection by hand. The result guarantees the utmost in precision in a frame hand-made from start to finish.

Each frame incorporates surgical steel and titanium temples and OVVO Optics’ patented screwless hinges, lending OVVO’s signature character in new styles exemplifying the company’s commitment to optical excellence. Handcrafted in Poland, each frame undergoes an 85-step process; a testament to OVVO Optics’ three decades of unwavering commitment to precision and excellence.

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