Discover a new interpretation of superlative engineering and dynamic design in OVVO’s all-new 2024 collection – powered by artificial intelligence. The new styles come to life in metallic hues and striking blues made to give users the freedom to stand out in a daring expression of individuality.

For the first time, OVVO has transformed the patented, signature material – surgical steel and titanium – into a dynamic world of shapes and curves. These previously flat sheets take new form with flowing contours and sweeping lines, showcasing the endless versatility made possible by this trademark composite.

See the new frames in futuristic scenes generated with the power of AI, blending digital artwork, photography, and imagined textures with bold backgrounds and futuristic forefronts.

STYLE 6051
STYLE 6046

Founded in 2011, OVVO Optics creates high-performance, technologically advanced eyewear that meets the highest standards of durability, style, and comfort. Based in the USA and family-owned and operated, each pair is handcrafted in Europe, implementing patented innovations and award-winning designs in a meticulous production process that has been refined over decades.

STYLE 6050

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