OVVO Optics // Timeless Futurism

The OVVO Optics Spring/Summer 2023 eyewear collection forges into a new frontier of optical innovation with nine all-new styles. Crafted from the finest materials with progressive designs and refined minimalist character, the new collection presents some of the most exciting pieces in the OVVO catalog.

These nine new frames find inspiration in futurism, technology, and progress, fusing the three pillars together in timeless pieces crafted to withstand the highest demands. Built to the signature standards of each OVVO piece, expect elegant engineering, technical innovation, and inspired style in every frame.

The images for the new campaign incorporate themes of metal, geometric forms, and laser light. These motifs are visualized through beams of both connecting light and refracting light that bursts and illuminates the elements in scenography.

To learn more about these new styles or the OVVO brand, please visit OVVOOptics.com.

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STYLE 6030
STYLE 6030
STYLE 6034
STYLE 6034, STYLE 6029 & STYLE 6032
STYLE 6025
STYLE 6033


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