OVVO // Retrogradation

Step into a distant corner of the universe with OVVO Optics S/S 2021 campaign Retrogradation

OVVO’s origins stem from interplanetary-inspiration, as they incorporate materials discovered in spacecraft development into their frames. These ultra-durable, featherlight metal composites, patented screwless hinges, and avant-garde styles have become an indelible element of their trademark.

To find out more about these new frames and more, please visit: www.ovvooptics.com.

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OVVO Optics invites us into a new world with their campaign questioning the apparent temporary reverse in the motion of a planet. The campaign was inspired by the collective experience of the last year, when the world encountered an unprecedented reversal of motion in a sudden, extended isolation.

This isolation carried over into our imaginations as we witnessed new breakthroughs in space travel, as many wondered if the colonisation of space was finally shifting from science-fiction to a near-reality.

Retrogradation introduces an unknown planet – one of safety found in solitude. The washing light from the planet’s four suns, streaming through natural formations in pastel tones, symbolizes hope, optimism, and a new beginning.

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