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OVVO Optics Releases Three New Styles Inspired by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

OVVO Optics expands their award-winning portfolio of frames with three new styles in the Surgical Steel & Titanium collection. These new designs, inspired by the world’s celebration of sport at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, introduce a unique, sporty character into the collection with striking, vibrant tones of bright orange, blue, and green.

True to the OVVO design philosophy, the new offerings fuse technical, high-performance construction and materials with fashion-forward character and design. This balance of principles is accentuated with a thicker, reinforced silhouette in the bridge and temples, contrasted by an ultra-thin rim structure around the lenses. Each frame is laser-cut from ultra-durable, ultra-light surgical steel and titanium composite and assembled by hand in OVVO’s state-of-the-art facilities for the ultimate in precision and craftsmanship. They also utilize OVVO’s patented screwless hinges for added lightness, resilience, and versatility.

Surgical Steel & Titanium

Built to withstand the demands of the most ambitious, adventurous lifestyles, the Surgical Steel & Titanium Collection offers hypoallergenic, durable, feather-light, heat-resistant frames crafted from a patented military-grade surgical steel and titanium composite.

Check out the brand’s website to find out more: www.ovvooptics.com

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