OWP Releases New Women’s And Men’s Models

The OWP ladies’ collection represents attention to detail and superb design. Whether they are feminine and vibrant or timelessly elegant – every one of our creations stands out thanks to its unique character and, as such, is the perfect statement piece for fashion-conscious women.

Style 1477 Taut square with multi-level decoration

Style 1477 comes as a metal frame for women in a taut, sophisticated square shape. A multi-levelled eye rim on the upper part and low-set temples, also with a multi-level design, provide additional highlights. The elaborate colouring on the front and the temples harmonizes perfectly with temple tips made of OWP signature acetate, while a spring hinge ensures optimum comfort.

Style 1775 Classic titanium panto

Style 1775 is a titanium frame for women in a classic panto shape. The clean front part is combined with a temple decoration in a sophisticated multi-level coloration. Temple tips made from OWP signature acetate and a high-quality spring hinge round off the modern look.

Style 2226 Feminine panto in a fashionable size

Cool acetate frame in a feminine panto shape and fashionable size. The simple front is given a sophisticated twist with an elegant yet understated metal temple decoration. The color range includes three individual signature acetate colors and a classic black.

Style 2227 A statement in a class of its own

Style 2227 impresses with a sophisticated, round shape that deliberately highlights the lugs. More material and a multi-level, laminated decoration on the inside give the frame a special structure that is visible through transparent monocolors. A fine, Art Deco-inspired temple decoration brings a touch of vintage into play. The design is rounded off with temple tips made from OWP Signature acetate.

OWP men’s styles concentrate on quality materials, technical sophistication and maximum comfort. They are perfect for even the most demanding spectacle wearer, someone who also looks for top quality products when choosing their glasses

Style 7522 Panto for men

Style 7522 comes as a classic panto. The clean front part with embedded metal pin is combined with metal temples with long temple tips. A recessed line design sets sporty accents. The clear lines provide space for a high-end spring hinge and give the frame its high-quality character.

Style 8622 Sporty square for men

Dynamically shaped temples meet a fine-edged stainless-steel front in a taut square shape. Contrasting lines on lugs and temples give the frame a dynamic touch and emphasize its sporty character. A precision spring hinge ensures perfect wearing comfort. Four masculine color variants and a high-quality surface finish complete the look.

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