Persol: True Icons never die

Persol: True Icons never die

The year 1957 marked the birth of the PERSOL 649 model. Initially designed to meet the needs of tournament race car drivers, the 649 became a showcase sunglasses model for the brand, and is now regarded a true PERSOL-Eyewear icon. Simply referred to by the company as “The Persol,” it sets a clear style formula with acetate temples and crystal lenses in a design that is both modern and creative. The glasses had one of their finest moments worn by Marcello Mastroianni in the movie “Divorce Italian Style.”

Now regarded as a masterpiece of classic PERSOL designs, these shades are protected by numerous patents and copyrights. The “Supreme”-arrow insignia is a sign of craftsmanship and quality. “Victor Flex,” the flexible top bar with three indentations guarantees a solid fit for all shapes of faces. Currently, this model is available in colorways night blue, dark red and white.

Real style icons never lose their appeal. Instead their charm only grows better with age, much like a good vintage bottle of vino. And one thing is for certain: The PERSOL 649 will always range highly among our all-time favorites.

Style: 649 --- Frame: 853 --- Lenses: 32
Style: 649 --- Frame: 854 --- Lenses: 51
Style: 649 --- Frame: 132 --- Lenses: 31

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