Photo Award: Freudenhaus

Roman Kuhn X Freudenhaus
For more than 20 years, Munich-based label Freudenhaus – the name is slang for “brothel” – has been looking people straight in the eye. Now the eyewear brand has decided to look a little closer and capture their customers and glasses on camera. But what’s a good motto for such a campaign photo shoot? With “Foxes & Pimps,” the team surrounding Uwe Pinhammer came up with a sizzling theme that’s in-line with the brand’s illustrious name.

Photographer Roman Kuhn rose to the occasion of directing Freudenhaus customers during the shoot. The resulting portfolio is a mix of expressive and colorful personalities from the Munich scene, any of them easily suitable for a leading role in a Scandinavian crime movie. Looking closely, you might be able to spot the occasional celebrity in the mix of faces. The photos are marked by a consistent iconography: clear eyes, hard contrasts, low depth of field, full-frontal view. And almost as an afterthought – but actually the entire point of the campaign – Freudenhaus eyewear is presented throughout the shots.

Freudenhaus knows how to pay tribute to great photographs – by printing them in a photo book. Here’s your chance: We are now giving away one of them on our Facebook page! And congratulations to Freudenhaus and Roman Kuhn on winning this issue’s Eyewear Photo Award.

Fotos: Roman Kuhn

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