Polo Ralph Lauren „PH 3075“ – Automotive Special Edition

Flip-up cool!
This goes out to my former classmate Jerry, who used to wear flip-up glasses when we were in high school together. I owe you an apology: We gave you hard time, saying your glasses remind us of a toilet seat, while you insisted on the ingenious practicality of the whole thing. And you were right! Today, you’d be one of the coolest cats in the streets with these things. As we speak, eyewear companies are still catching up to what could be the next big trend. Just take the PH 3075 from the Polo Ralph Lauren Automotive Special Edition: It features a light metal frame with prescription lenses fitted into the interior, covered by sun lenses that flip-up in the style of the sun-visor in a car – adjustable to any kind of weather and stylistic preference. With its wood-effect temples and sleek metal lines, these aviator frames are living proof that you can be practical, and look tremendously cool all at the same time.

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