PORSCHE DESIGN EYEWEAR by Patrick Dempsey // Passion For Performance

Inspired by the racetrack. Developed with passion.

PORSCHE DESIGN and brand ambassador Patrick Dempsey are stepping on the gas together and intensifying their collaboration. The actor has been collaborating with PORSCHE DESIGN EYEWEAR since 2021. As an enthusiastic racecar driver, he’s now also collaborating with the exclusive designer brand on a sunglasses and optical eyewear collection. Besides their initials “PD”, they also share a mutual love of motor sports, precision and perfectionism. The exclusive, limited edition “PORSCHE DESIGN Eyewear by Patrick Dempsey” combines aesthetics and functionality, embodying the values that the two partners share.

A year in development

In April of 2022, Patrick Dempsey and the PORSCHE DESIGN Team met in Los Angeles to work focus their efforts on the new collection. Together, they discussed different combinations of materials and colors, looking for the best ways to unite functionality and aesthetics. In January 2023, we got to see the results of their hard work. The sunglasses »P’8965« and the optical frames »P’8754« captivate with refined and timeless understatement, that nevertheless makes an unmistakable fashion statement. The unusually sophisticated material that the collection uses — carbon — reflects its motorsports DNA in its purest form.

P’8965 & P’8965

Carbon fiber face Lift

The newly developed temple is a made with a combination of carbon fiber, stainless steel and rubber. This gives the frame lightness, aesthetics and a perfect fit. The slim and athletic temple design offers an interesting contrast to the more striking front, which features a distinctive double bridge that brings additional volume into the design. Due to its strength and durability, the innovative material that the temple is made of, Carbon Fiber, guarantees the frame’s performance even under the harshest conditions. “During a race, man and machine are exposed to enormous stresses. The driver always needs to be able to rely 100 percent on his materials, even under the harshest conditions. Because of that, I didn’t want to make any compromises when it came to the quality of the glasses,” the motorsport enthusiast explains.

VISION DRIVE™ polarized lenses and VISION DRIVE™ polarized XTR lenses

The sunglasses frame »P’8965« feature VISION DRIVE™ polarized lenses or VISION DRIVE™ Polarized XTR lenses, which maximize the reduction of reflections and glare on wet and smooth surfaces. Additionally, the high-end VISION DRIVE™ Polarized XTR lenses feature a unique and innovative combination of polarization and integrated contour- and contrast perception that offers a significant boost to traffic safety.

Passion for performance

The new PORSCHE DESIGN Eyewear by Patrick Dempsey edition is a combination of aesthetics and functionality that embodies the values that brought PORSCHE DESIGN and Patrick Dempsey together: a passion or performance, and the pursuit of perfection. “Porsche has always had a special place in my heart. To me, the brand has always reflected a special kind of passion and performance that I’ve always felt a connection to, whether it’s as a racecar driver or as the owner of a racing team. That’s exactly what I value most about PORSCHE DESIGN as a brand that represents the highest quality and best functionality. To be actively involved in the design and development of an eyewear edition that bears my name is an honor, and something that I’m very excited about. Working with the design experts was really exciting and inspiring,” says Patrick Dempsey.

P’8754 & P’8754


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