Powder & Heat TO Launch New 3D Glasses in Several Hues

Powder & Heat, the innovation trendsetter in 3D printing eyewear, has achieved a new coup: individual luxury frames with multicolored textures, high luminosity and a high-quality finish – for wearers who want to express their personality through their eyewear. The process developed by Powder & Heat is unique.


3D printing has become the main technology on the ever-changing Eyewear market, now it is again entering an entirely new dimension. No other manufacturing process is more appropriate when it comes to meeting the customer’s desire for personal glasses quickly and inexpensively. It is always guaranteed that the desired model also fits. In addition, the models printed in nylon are 30% lighter than conventional acetate frames.

So far, 3D printed glasses were only available in a few solid colors and with matte surfaces. Powder & Heat is now the only manufacturer able to produce eyewear frames with multicolored textures, intense colors and high-quality surfaces. A feature that was not possible up until now. Thus, 3D printed eyewear becomes even more of an individual statement for fashion-conscious customers of a broader target group. 24 models in 18 sizes and nine color and twelve texture combinations leave little to be desired.

Powder & Heat not only stands for technological innovation, but also for outstanding design. The model “The Flamboyant” has already received the German Design Award 2017 and the Red Dot Design Award 2017. The two founders Georg Vollmer and Manuel Breit, who combine design studies with many years of 3D printing and software know-how, have been ensuring the innovative power of the brand so far and continue to do so.

THE OWL_Produktbild

More info on POWDER & HEAT: www.powder-heat.de

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