P+US EYEWEAR // Master of Posing

We ramped up our flashlight generators for the new campaign photo shoot for P+US EYEWEAR. It’s worth it! Especially because the new frame styles are so fresh, they have yet to receive their model names. With that said, here’s a first sneak peek at what’s in store!

P+US EYEWEAR makes a strong statement with patented features and slim designs made in Hongkong. The various collections implement high-grade materials such as stainless steel, titanium, acetate, and buffalo horn. In our photo shoot, we’re showcasing milestones from three collections: The Zero series revolves around featherlight stainless-steel frames with screwless hinges. The Combo collection dazzles with delicate, finely appointed blends of materials. And the Deluxe Horn line is dedicated to natural horn frames with a unique, one-of-a-kind grain structure in each model.

The casting for the campaign photo shoot is also a match made in heaven. Hanna Fischer aka Hanna Goldfisch seems predestined for bringing the delicate new styles by P+US EYEWEAR to life. Although Hanna moves with playful ease in front of the camera, she is a thoroughbred professional in a league of her own in the model universe. Why? Because all her gestures and poses are on point – and always authentic. Anyone who’s ever tried their luck on front of the camera knows how much it takes. What’s more, Hanna possesses the kinds of gentle facial features that are ideal for making eyewear look striking. And her self-confident and cheeky attitude make her the perfect fit for an eyewear label with the same kind of vibe. Hanna Goldfisch appears courtesy of Izaio Agency.

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