Red Bull Racing Eyewear

A technological revolution, a precise high tech design, sporty and unique constructions – shortly said: a good combination of technology and design. In motorsport innovative, robust and at the same time lightweight materials are used. Therefore, Red Bull Racing Eyewear has set itself the goal to qualify for the strongest, most innovative and most dynamic Eyewear brand, using material borrowed from Formula 1.

Red Bull Racing Eyewear is a brand which impresses right from the start with its innovation in fashion and technology. The combination of sportiness, modernity and uniqueness gives it its right drive. The design is extravagant and exclusive with clear but racy shape. The materials are highly qualitative and robust. They are resistant and elastic but all the same airy. The collections are innovative, strong and dynamic like the Red Bull Racing team – simply spectacular.

Philosophy: Red Bull Racing Eyewear was designed for people who are sporty and trendy, who love the lifestyle and spirit of the Formula 1 and who want to be part of the Red Bull Racing team. They are unique, extraordinary and innovative. Technics and Fashion are their interests. Briefly, they are spectacular. Be spectacular is a call to anyone, who loves action and spectacles.

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