Thomas, what exactly are your responsibilities at Reiz?
I’m in charge of marketing and sales.

What are some welcome sources for design inspiration for Reiz?
The titles of our collections always reveal a certain approach. And of course we perpetuate a natural use of forms. The frames do not seem constructed, but suited towards the people and their naturalness. We find inspiration everywhere. There are these flashes of light, attentiveness, awareness that let themselves be incorporated into concrete ideas. These approaches can be places, situations or people.

In our EYEWEAR Collection Check, we are highlighting your new Lovely Nature collection. What sets this line apart from other collections? Do you create new offerings by following a system?
We have a very premeditated approach. When it comes to REIZ, different approaches to execution and colorways can have dramatically different effects. These effects are reflected in the three self-contained series Lovely Animals, Lovely Nature and Lovely Streams. The unique characteristic of the Lovely Nature series is the consistent execution of edges in the designs. This traditional approach to expressing materiality is what creates the style in this case. It’s a total reduction down to pure form. Descriptively, you could say that there is a clear separation of planes, creating clear edges and transitions. The natural, understated colors also add to the fact that nothing is distracting from the shape. These characteristics, in combination with our signature silky finish, create a pure pair of glasses.

How many models are part of your new collection? And are there separate gender models or mostly unisex pieces?
Lovely Nature consists of ten models in five colorways, respectively. Categorizing certain shapes by male and female would be rather limiting, thus we refrain from gender recommendations.

The special characteristic of the current Lovely Natures also lies in the sourcing of raw materials. “Eco Acetate” is the catchphrase. What made you pursue that route?
Ever since our founding in 1996, REIZ has put an emphasis on conscious use of resources. Sustainability in terms of products and entrepreneurial activities is fundamental to our company philosophy. Right from the start, we consistently produced 100% of our products in Germany, while keeping an eye on short distribution channels and implementing regional partners. In dealing with our partner opticians we also cultivate an open and trusting conduct. Traditional values and quality are entirely sustainable and have never been more of the moment than now! When it comes to the new material, it’s definitely an evolution for us. The production of Eco Acetate is primarily based on materials from renewable sources. Acetate is generally a material based on cellulose. During production, cotton and wood fibers are blended with a number of substances via esterification into traditional acetate. Eco Acetate is produced according to a new formula, in a process free from chemical softeners (phthalates). This new material is 100% eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable.


Do you notice customer demand for products that are conserving resources or is eyewear in terms of the amount of materials used too small a factor as for eco-materials to really matter?
We think that every contribution, regardless how small, matters. Customers are well informed, demanding and increasingly making more conscious purchases. The content of a product needs to be right; from manufacturing all the way into the store. It’s about the whole package, and that’s where ethically correct products built from regenerative raw materials play a great role.

Which materials did you play with during this collection aside from Eco Acetate?
The Lovely Nature series is based exclusively on this material.

And what are the most important color themes in this collection?
It’s a predominantly classic color palette, which like I said serves to carry and support to collection’s basic theme. Next to black and brown basic tones, there are very natural reds and greens to choose from.

What is your personal favorite? And why?
There isn’t one. Seeing the right REIZ model worn by the right person is an impressive sight, no matter if it comes across as cool, stylish, elegant, or however. Every wearer lends a second life to his glasses and charges them with their own expression. It’s always different and always fascinating. I’m currently wearing the “Mohn” model.

What kind of people do you picture as wearers of Lovely Natures?
Everybody who discovers the style and quality of this collection for themselves.

Do you see the collection as mainstream or avant-garde?
The collection is contemporary while looking ahead.

Speaking of looking ahead… what separates Lovely Natures from collections by other labels?
Everyone has to decide for themselves. We think the collection stands for itself.

And finally, what is your favorite brand outside of Reiz?
Augustiner Bräu brewery.

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